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We cannot wait for you to join #TeamSophia on Saturday 6th August 2022.
We have two options for you to join #TeamSophia.
Either pay for yourself (£39.50 for the first ten spaces, then £43.50 for the remaining pay for yourself spaces)

Or run for free by pledging to raise at least £100 for our charity.

Fill in the form below to apply for your place. For more information, please email
Mudnificent 7 Sign Up Form

Before signing up, please make sure that you are able to participate on Saturday 6th August 2022. Once you sign up, the charity has to pay for your place, regardless of whether you run or not, so please bare this in mind before you apply for a place.
Paying for self or pledging:
Please read the statement below and select the box to show you agree with the terms. For both options, you must understand that there will be a £5 charge to yourself for a name transfer if you are unable to participate after signing up.
Running Vest Size (these are provide free to all #TeamSophia runners)
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