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Sophia - Pregnancy Loss Support aims to support anybody who has experienced the tragic loss of a baby through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, TFMR, stillbirth and neonatal death.

From all of us at Sophia - Pregnancy Loss Support, we are sorry you find yourself here after the loss of a baby. However, we are glad that you have found us. We understand how important support is at such a difficult time. The charity is run by a group of bereaved parents who have experienced the emptiness and pain associated with losing a child.

"We both found the Sophia group a huge support after leaving hospital. In those first few weeks having the online group makes you realise you are not alone and there is always someone to talk to who understands your pain."



Baby loss is rarely discussed in our current society, which leads many people to be unsure of what to say when faced with bereavement of this kind. When a baby dies at any gestation, their parents' lives are irrevocably changed. Their longed for baby will never be 'replaced' regardless of how many children they may go on to have in the future.


What most people want and need to hear is their baby's name be spoken to enable their memory to be kept alive. If you are supporting a bereaved parent, don't be afraid to talk about their loss. Help them to find a 'new normal' which includes their lost little one.

At Sophia - Pregnancy Loss Support, we aim to educate others about the heartbreak of losing our precious children. We want to help to break the silence surrounding the death of a baby. By raising the profile of this taboo subject, we hope to help people understand how difficult it is to deal with when your baby dies.


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