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The #NoRegrets online course and workshop from ‘Gifts of Remembrance’ is designed to improve the care, support, memory making and photographs given to families during the precious time they spend with their baby.


£32 will pay for one healthcare professional at George Eliot Hopital, Nuneaton, to receive the #NoRegrets training that will help them to improve the care that all bereaved parents and families receive during their time at the hospital.


The training will enable those taking part to:

 - Hear the voices of bereaved parents and their families

 - Understand what is important to the bereaved parents 

 - Know how to help parents/families make memories that will be treasured for a life time


The member of staff will participate in 10 hours of training from 'Gifts of Remembrance' and once they have successfully completed this, they will receive a certificate with your baby's name on. We will also send you a certificate to say that the member of staff has received such vital training in your baby's name***


Please help us to give the gift of remembrance to other bereaved families.




***Please note that the 'digital download' is simply our logo. Email your name and address to and we will send your certificate as soon as possible. Thank you!

Gift of Remembrance Training for a Healthcare Professional

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